Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection

At Casey Auto Group, each vehicle being sold and serviced at our dealerships receives a complimentary Multi-Point Inspection during every service visit. This inspection is a comprehensive check of every vital component of the interior, exterior, and engine compartment. This helps determine if there are any cosmetic, maintenance, or major repairs that need to be acknowledged and repaired.


Some of the main issues found during these inspections involve the operation of lights and the condition of the windshield, wiper blades, filters, belts, hoses, and other important components. Your technician will also test your battery based on the cranking amps required, check all fluids (brake fluid, coolants, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and oil), and check the inboard and outboard brake pad measurements. You can watch the video above that shows you the full list of items being checked during this complimentary inspection.

Inspection Form

This Multi-Point Inspection is performed on every vehicle being serviced
Items in GREEN indicate conditions are safe and up to factory standards
Items in YELLOW require attention in the future
Items in RED indicate items on your vehicle that are deemed unsafe and require immediate attention, these should not go un-repaired.